WID/GAD trainings were delayed until after the winter season had passed.  Our most recent training was held in cooperation with World of Women (WoW) Social Union on Monday, April 8th, in Imishli.  The training was held at one of the schools in Imishli, and a total of 33 students participated.  The training was interactive and all students were involved in discussions, activities, and games.  Thanks to our wonderful trainers!

What is gender?

Imishli gender training

Interactive activity


Imishli participants


Neftchala was invaded by eager learners on Sunday, October 7th to mark the sixth Azerbaijani gender training. Supported by World of Women Social Union in correlation with WID/GAD, an audience of 26 Azerbaijani adults, teens, and two PCVs participated in a stimulating training about gender and equality.  10 adults and16 students, 22 females and 4 males, came from Salyan and Neftchala regions.  The event was a great success and resulted in critical thinking and the discussion of gender roles and opportunities for growth within Azerbaijan.

A special thanks goes out to our trainers, Gunay and Aysel, who did a great job and to PCV Roxann Brown who helped to organize this wonderful event!

Interactive activity

During the presentation

Another activity

After the training


The second WID/GAD gender training with World of Women Social Union was, yet again, a huge success!  This particular training was completed on Saturday, April 14th in the city of Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second largest city.  Peace Corps Volunteer Brad Kessler’s organization, Bridge to the Future (BF), hosted the event. The presentation was held in association with BF’s own youth leadership academy training series, a project funded by the National Democratic Institute.

A total of 43 students between the ages of 17 and 25 were in attendance as well as 4 non-WID/GAD committee PCVs and a number of Azerbaijani staff from BF.  The training was conducted by Gunay Gasimova and Gulshan Yunisova, with the assistance of Gunay’s older sister, Vafa.

From the moment the workshop began, the three women once again captured the attention of their audience. The event was three hours long and topics discussed were similar to those from the Yevlakh training including: gender equality, the differences between gender and sex, gender and family, gender and society, gender stereotypes, and gender in Azerbaijan.  However, the trainers worked hard to adjust the presentation in order to be appropriate and beneficial for the older and more experienced audience.

The training was so successful that the three women were invited to give a second training the following morning to another group of university students!

Special thanks go out to Brad Kessler, Orxan Abbassov, and their organization, Bridge to Future, for hosting the event and including us in the wonderful work they are already doing.  It is an honor to be related to such a great program and organization.  Also, thank you to the animated students of Ganja for attending and engaging in the training with such energy and passion!