The Peace Corps Azerbaijan Women in Development/Gender and Development (WID/GAD) Committee aims to enhance equality in all sectors of Azerbaijani society and encourage effective and sustainable gender-inclusive projects conducive to the respective needs and circumstances of individual communities.  The WID/GAD Committee consists of four volunteers and serves as a resource to Peace Corps Volunteers in Azerbaijan, developing materials and programs to endorse gender issue awareness.

The four committee members are Rick Wiersma, Grace Bowman, Rachel Simon, and Luz Colpa.  Rachel is the Outreach Coordinator and a TEFL Volunteer in Gazakh.  Luz is a Committee Coordinator and a TEFL Volunteer in Lankeran.  Rick is the Training and Finance Coordinator and  a TEFL Volunteer in Neftchala.  Grace is a Committee Coordinator and a Youth Development Volunteer in Imishly.

Julie Nelson serves as a Volunteer Leader and Advisor for this Committee, and the WID/GAD Staff Advisor is Khayal Guliyev.

This blog has been created in order to share information regarding the Azerbaijan WID/GAD Committee, gender issue awareness and education, and current projects being implemented throughout the country.

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