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The first WID/GAD gender training with World of Women Social Union was an overwhelming success!  This project was first proposed in early fall 2011, and after many months of planning and fundraising, we have finally completed our first training in the city of Yevlakh in central Azerbaijan.

The training took place on Saturday, March 31st and was attended by 24 students between the ages of 13 and 23 as well as three non-WID/GAD Committee PCVs.

It was conducted by Gunay Gasimova and Gulshan Yunisova with the assistance of Gunay’s older sister, Vafa.

From the moment the workshop began, the three women captivated the entire audience. The training was three intensive hours of engrossing dialogue between the students and trainers. Topics discussed ranged from: defining gender to gender equality, the differences between gender and sex, gender and family, gender and society, gender stereotypes, gender problems, gender in Azerbaijan, and finally, solutions to gender inequality. The training included short videos and interactive activities.

Thank you to the students and facilitators in Yevlakh for helping to organize and prepare for the training.

Also, thank you again and again to everyone back home who made this project possible through generous financial contributions.

WID/GAD Committee Members and World of Women Trainers

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