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Salam from Azerbaijan!

The WID/GAD Committee aims to enhance equality in all sectors of Azerbaijani society and encourage effective and sustainable gender-inclusive projects conducive to the respective needs and circumstances of individual communities.  We are constantly working to develop materials and programs to endorse gender issue awareness countrywide.

All wealth and development efforts in Azerbaijan are focused in the capital of Baku.  In the remote regions of the country, there is a tangible gender division in which the majority of families uphold stereotypical roles; men working outside of the home while women fulfill household duties.  This drastically limits women’s opportunities financially, professionally, and socially.  These ideals are passed from generation to generation, to the detriment of girls’ role in society.  The marginalization of the Azeri female population lies at the heart of many issues in Azerbaijan such as human trafficking, insufficient level of women’s education, and sexually transmitted diseases.  In order to begin to battle these issues, we must start from the ground level in the regions of Azerbaijan, focusing on gender equality education.

For our latest project, the WID/GAD Committee has formed a partnership with World of Women Social Union, which has extensive experience in promoting gender equality in Azerbaijan.  World of Women is based in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital city, the center of most development initiatives.  Peace Corps Volunteers are not based in Baku, but rather spend the length of their service in remote regions throughout the country.  We believe that the WID/GAD Committee’s capacity for mobilization combined with World of Women’s expertise will create an extremely valuable opportunity for exposing diverse communities throughout Azerbaijan to gender issue awareness and education.

Two experienced trainers from World of Women will work together with WID/GAD Committee members in conducting six gender trainings over a six-month period throughout various regions of Azerbaijan.   Beforehand, WID/GAD will conduct a “Training of Trainers” with World of Women in order to ensure the training’s coherence, sustainability, effectiveness, and relevance.  The goals of these regional trainings are to foster ideas of gender equality among Azerbaijani community members, prepare the younger generation for a life free of female marginalization, and stimulate the creation of a more open-minded society.  Additionally, this project will create the opportunity for networking and communication between Baku-based organizations and smaller community-based organizations throughout the country.

World of Women Social Union will generously contribute their time to the project.  However, in order for these trainings to come to fruition, we also need some additional support. If you or anyone you know are interested in contributing, please visit our online donation website at:

This project has the potential to positively impact the lives of Azerbaijani women, men, and youth for years to come.  Thank you for taking the time to read about our efforts and for your support.

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