WID/GAD trainings were delayed until after the winter season had passed.  Our most recent training was held in cooperation with World of Women (WoW) Social Union on Monday, April 8th, in Imishli.  The training was held at one of the schools in Imishli, and a total of 33 students participated.  The training was interactive and all students were involved in discussions, activities, and games.  Thanks to our wonderful trainers!

What is gender?

Imishli gender training

Interactive activity


Imishli participants

Training of Trainers

The WID/GAD Committee held a Training of Trainers (ToT) with World of Women Public Union on Saturday, January 28th at the Peace Corps office.  In addition to the dedicated members of World of Women and a local journalist, WID/GAD was also joined by our new staff representative, Training Manager Khayal, as well as Youth Development Program Manager Sevinj and TEFL Program Manager Shahla.  Our latest project includes a series of six gender trainings to be held this spring in Yevlakh, Ganja, Bilasuvar, Ismayilli, Khachmaz, and Balaken.  The entire project will be funded by our Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) grant and the generous in-kind contributions from World of Women and PCV resources at site.  

At the ToT, we discussed presentation technique, cultural sensitivity, legitimate sources of information, interactive activities, and logistics.  It was a long but incredibly productive and enlightening day, and we all learned a lot from one another.  The result of WID/GAD and World of Women’s hard work is a culturally sensitive training that will address the current state of gender in Azerbaijan, foster ideas of gender equality, prepare the younger generation for a life free of female marginalization, and stimulate the creation of a more open-minded society.  Additionally, this project will create the opportunity for networking and communication between the Baku-based World of Women Public Union and smaller community-based organizations throughout the regions of Azerbaijan.
We are excited for trainings to begin and anticipate that this project is the first of many great things to come!

Next steps

The Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) Gender Trainings Grant has been filled!  Thank you so much to  those who supported the WID/GAD Committee and gender development in Azerbaijan by donating to this cause.

The next step of our project is to hold a ‘training of trainers’ (TOT) with World of Women Social Union which will help us to prepare and ensure successful presentations throughout six regions of Azerbaijan.  The TOT will take place in late January, and trainings will begin in February.  Stay tuned for more information about our progress.

Thank you again for supporting our efforts towards gender development in Azerbaijan!